Many people have been reporting a possible Social Security scam over the phone.

While it is not new, Erie News Now has confirmed scammers are working the Northwestern Pennsylvania area.

Posing as social security employees, the scammers call trying to convince you that your number has been suspended or deactivated. They then ask for some personal information in order to issue rebates or correct the problem. That's when people who depend on Social Security may be tricked into giving out their social security number, address or other personal information.

The Better Business Bureau warns don't fall for it.

"Scammers scare people into thinking that there's something wrong," said Pam Marlowe, public relations coordinator for the Better Business Bureau. "That way, some consumers will react to that by trying to correct the issue, which means providing a social security number or bank account information. Just hang up the phone."

The Social Security Administration says it will not call or email you asking for private information.

If someone does, you should report it to the Social Security Office in downtown Erie or call the toll-free number 1-800-772-1213.