The holiday classic song, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is creating some controversy and is even being banned from one radio station in Cleveland. WDOK or "Christmas 102" said its listeners raised concerns saying the lyrics are no longer appropriate.

So we wanted to know if any radio stations here in Erie would do the same. Erie News Now caught up with the folks at Classy 100, known for playing Christmas songs during the holiday season.

Operations Manager and DJ Chuck Stevens said they play the song several times a day.

"We're the Christmas station, we do it every year," he said. "Never had a complaint."

Stevens said he does agree that there are several lines in the song that might make you think twice. Including the line, "What's in this drink?"

Social Psychology Professor at Mercyhurst University Melissa Heerboth said she spent the day talking about this topic with her students.

"I think the controversy comes from the fact that people tend to interpret the song as the woman wanting to leave and the guy is preventing her," Heerboth said.

She said she personally enjoys the song but no matter if you're for or against the song, it still opens a dialogue.

"I think it's important to have a conversation about these songs and media messages can do because it does provide exposure to messages that we might not want our kids exposed to," Heerboth said.