The first Friday in December is a special day in Erie to help families in need, and it's been that way for 79 years.

City of Mayor Joe Schember declared this coming Friday as Times Old Newsies Day.

Volunteers called newsies will be scattered throughout the city and county to sell newspapers and collect donations.

All proceeds from the papers sold Friday will be used to provide food to less fortunate families in the Erie area.

The newsies will use the buying power of the Second Harvest Food Bank to hopefully purchase enough food to distribute 2,400 baskets.

"We partner with the Second Harvest Food Bank," said Scott Barnes, president of Times Old Newsies. "We would not do this without them. They are a tremendous asset to the community."

"It's a wonderful event that's been going on," said Schember. "It's a wonderful practice. I really commend the Times Old Newsies for doing this, and I hope they're doing it for 100 more years."

The Times Old Newsies have collected $2.5 million for families in need since the campaign began in 1939.