The Lake County Illinois State's Attorney says a suburban Chicago police officer acted in self-defense when he shot and killed a Springboro man on the run from a murder and robbery back home.

Kenneth Martell, 36, was fatally shot July 26, 2018 where he had backed his car off the road in a remote area in Lakemoor, Illinois.

A female officer noticed his suspicious vehicle on private property, but did not know yet that the man was wanted in the robbery, beating and fatal stabbing of 88-year-old Theodore Garver in Beaver Township.

After Martell gave the officer a false name, and pointed a weapon at her, a struggle ensued.

When a backup unit following the developments arrived, the officer said Martell pointed a gun in each hand at him. That officer fired one deadly shot hitting Martell in the head.

The entire incident was captured on police body and dash cameras.

Lake County State's Attorney Michael G. Nerheim said in his report, "The acts of these two skilled officers were masterful and indicative of two people acting in self-defense."  He also said, "The case highlights the incredibly dangerous jobs that our law enforcement officers endure."

One of the two weapons Martell pointed at the officers was fully loaded, the other was not.  Police found several other weapons in the car, along with stolen property and identification cards of murder victim Theodore Garver.