UPDATE: Police said a Union City woman confessed to fabricating a story, shared hundreds of times on Facebook, about being robbed at gunpoint by two hunters in a black pickup truck. Appropriate charges will be filed, according to State Police.

Troopers were called to Corry Memorial Hospital Wednesday, where the woman told them that the suspects took $2,100 from her. Through an investigation, State Police said they later confirmed the woman made up the story to cover up the fact that the money had already been spent. Investigators said she was not assaulted or robbed of any money.

Before jumping to the keyboard to report anything strange happening in your community, Millcreek Police ask you to report it to an officer first.

"If they do witness something that happens, that they call the police immediately and they report it so that it can be investigated," said Millcreek Police Officer Rick Skonieczka.

Millcreek police are urging residents to be more careful when it comes to their social media posts. Especially when it involves reporting a crime or any suspicious activity.

"I think typically people are reporting stuff to the police, but they also feel the urge to post it on social media," Skonieczka said.

He said around this time of year he sees more posts on social media from people reporting crime.

A recent post that started to go viral around Erie was from a woman saying she was threatened and robbed Wednesday morning. The post was shared more than 500 times.

"By putting it on social media, it's almost out there instantaneously," Skonieczka said.

The person said she reported this incident to police, and it is under investigation. The post has since been deleted.

Skonieczka said usually posting on social media is not an issue, but becomes one if the person posting has yet to go to police or if it's an active investigation.

He said there are good reasons to post on social media such as if you need the community's help locating a suspect.

"It does make people more aware," he said. "So they do keep a better watch out in their neighborhood."