The Erie County Technical School has provided career education and technical training to thousands of students since it opened its doors 50 years ago.

And it is still going strong.

Eleven Erie County school districts send students to the school, studying in 18 different programs.

Everything is evaluated every six months.

Director Fred Walker said, "We go through the curriculum. We go through our labs, our equipment, and we ask them are we teaching the right things? The day to day jobs and employment world are so changing that if we are not doing it tight, then we are going to fall behind."

The school is now considering a major renovation. No plans are yet set in stone, but leaders believe the school needs upgrades.

Walker said, "When we do that we are going to add space for needed programs. We are going to re-allocate space. So there are a number of new programs that are in high demand. It is real incumbent on us to produce men and women to go into new career fields."