Erie police continue to look for answers after an East 27th Street man was shot multiple times Sunday night outside his house.

The incident happened about 9:00 p.m. Sunday night near 327 East 27th Street. 

The 23 year old victim was conscious and talking when police and rescuers arrived.  He told them he received a phone call and went outside to meet someone and that's when he was shot.

The victim managed to make it back into his home before rescuers arrived on the scene.  He suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Police investigators found several shell casings at the scene.

Police Chief Dan Spizarny said it appears there was one shooter, someone the victim knew. 

Three young men seen running from the area were tracked down and questioned but police don't believe they were involved.  "They were eventually captured and brought to the station, we now know who they are, they gave us no information that would lead us to believe that they were involved in the shooting."

Chief Spizarny said the victim is stable after surgery.  Detectives are hoping to interview him soon to get more information on the shooter.