According to Triple A, more teenagers are taking a pass when it comes to getting their driver's license and ultimately their ticket to freedom. Erie News Now wanted to know if that trend was showing up here.

Local driving school Transportation Solutions said it is noticing that fewer 16 year-old and 17 year-old are going for their driver's license. Transportation Solutions President Brenda Bennett said one of the main reasons is the cost.

"When you look at how much car insurance is for a teenager, it's very expensive," Bennett said. "So if the parents don't want to pay for that and the kids don't have a part-time job to off-set it, a lot of times parents aren't letting them get it."

Teens can end up paying thousands of dollars a year for car insurance in Erie.

Bennett said another reason is that driving isn't as appealing to teens as it once was.

"It goes back to the phone issue," she said. "You see a lot of time teenagers have their head in their lap from the time their very very young. When I was that age we didn't have anything to do in the car so we would look around and pay attention to traffic patterns and lights. Now when they turn 16 they're not as interested in driving."

Although many teens aren't in a rush to get behind the wheel, teen driver Natalie Rivera is.

"I have two jobs and my family has jobs so I had to figure out a way to get to where I needed to get," she said.

At 16 years-old she said it's an inconvenience for her not to get her driver's license.

 "Either way I have friends that I want to hang out with and get to places without having to have my parents leave the house and waste gas," Rivera said.