Allegheny Wood Works has been making high quality wood doors and other wood products at its west county facility for more than 20 years.

Two brothers bought the company five years ago, and the firm has continued to grow.

Steve and Mike Kraus work together closely and make all key decisions together.

Steve Kraus said, "We have a great symbiosis where we bounce ideas off one another. He is always the counter to my ideas and I am the counter to his ideas."

Their ideas have helped the company keep growing.

Many orders coming from repeat customers.

But most new orders come through the company's aggressive internet marketing efforts.

Mike Kraus said, "Anyone who has an inkling that they want to upgrade their house. We do a lot of renovations, a lot of new builds, and historical renovations."

All the doors made at the company are made to order and are sent to customers all over the country and the world, using 31 different types of wood. In a typical year, the company makes about 6,000 doors."

Many of the doors are fairly standard. But others are unique in size or design.

The owners say the company is able to make such a wide variety of doors because it has the equipment and technology to do the job. But mostly, they credit the experienced staff.

Mike Kraus said, "Our people are true craftsmen. They have been doing this, and just this, in some cases almost 20 years."