Werkbot is a digital marketing agency that has been helping area companies for the past 14 years.

The ten employees work at the downtown Renaissance Center.

They have been designing websites and putting together digital marketing plans for area companies since 2004.

Most of their efforts are focused on companies involved in manufacturing, health care, finance and e-commerce.

Owner Brian Amick says a key to success is understanding the client and working closely together.

He said," We sit down and talk to them, learn about what they do, how they do it and why? And understand what their story is."

Werkbot handles a wide variety of digital marketing and social media issues for companies, but website design remains the foundation of the company. And a key in helping clients grow their business.

Amick said, "A website for many companies is the catalyst of their organization, the central point where people go to validate whether or not this is a credible company, where to find the information they are looking for."

Werkbot has been growing steadily over the years.

Company leaders say skilled, dedicated employees have fueled that growth.