Yet another Erie business is hit by a thief, in a smash and grab burglary. It has happened more than a dozen times now, in recent weeks.

Teresa's Deli on east 38th street, fell victim Tuesday morning. Someone smashed windows, breaking in the business some time around 6:30 a.m., Erie New Now has learned the thief got away with the tip jar, with about $20 dollars inside.

Erie police are now investigating at 15 of these types of cases, at various businesses across the city, since December 29th.

Erie News Now first reported on the thefts last week, when a business on Peach street in Erie, was hit, and released surveillance video of the man who broke into the Hippie and the Hound.

Investigators say the break-ins are random, but Erie police patrol officers are paying special attention around the city.

Deputy Chief Mike Nolan says while it's hard to defend against this type of crime, businesses should consider investing in high-quality surveillance video, “My recommendation would be for some of these businesses that are getting hit, just see if there's a way, if your video is adequate, if it's of the quality that can be used to identify facial features… and if not, consider whether or not that's an expense you'd be willing to make, because it does help us greatly,” said Nolan.

In many of the cases, the thief or thieves may or may not get away with a significant amount of cash, but they are causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage to the businesses.

Police are reviewing the surveillance video they have from Teresa's Deli and the other thefts, trying to determine if it's the same or multiple suspects in each case. They've also collected physical evidence found at the scenes, including fingerprints, which is currently being tested.