Illinois police have released the disturbing body and dash camera video of Springboro murder suspect Kenneth Martell's last moments of life.

Last July, Martell, 36, was wanted by Pennsylvania State Police for robbing and killing 88-year-old Theodore Garver of Beaver Township.

Investigators recovered Garver's body from a pond about one mile from his home.

Three days later, police spotted a suspicious SUV in a gravel area in Lakemoor, Illinois.

In the video, you see an officer approach Martell’s vehicle.

After providing police a false name, the officer asked Martell for any form of identification.

Instead, Martell pulls out a handgun and pointed it directly at the officer.

A struggle then ensued and Martell went to grab another handgun.

While wrestling with the officer, a second officer ran up and shot Martell in the face, killing him.

Investigators have since ruled the officer-involved shooting as justified.