Millcreek Township supervisors will not be receiving a pay raise for 2019. That's the decision by township auditors who meet once per year to set the supervisors’ salaries.

Each supervisor receives a different salary depending on seniority. Last year, the returning supervisors received a 2.5% raise.  The auditors last year also set newly-elected Supervisor Jim Bock's salary at just more than $72,000. 

This year, the Board of Auditors decided to hold the line on any pay hikes.


"I just think it's a feeling that we want to be conscience of where our dollars are going in Millcreek Township.  I know they're doing a wonderful job.  They're working very hard.  But, we thought that we would take the opportunity to not have an increase this year,” said Alice Niebauer, Board Chairperson.


Supervisor John Groh's salary will stay at $76,693. Supervisor John Morgan's salary will stay at $74,464.