The City of Erie is getting a big response to its call for people to apply for open seats on boards, authorities and commissions.

The City's website shows there are 13 seats open on six different boards, including five open slots on the Parking Authority alone.

If you have interest or expertise, you can learn more about each authority online here and fill out an application.

City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember said 130 people have already applied as of Tuesday.

The Jefferson Educational Society's director of operations Ben Speggen said opening up the process is encouraging, especially for young professionals who have gone through its Civic Leadership Academy.

"We're going to pick the best people," said Schember. "We're also going to hopefully over time drive to very diverse groups where every member of the Erie population will feel represented on that particular authority."

"You can serve in a variety of ways here and help improve the community," said Speggen. "Authorities, boards and commissions are an excellent way to do that, so we do encourage people to pursue these opportunities when they become available. It's great to see them being advertised as broadly as they are."

You have until the end of the day Wednesday to apply.

Schember expects as many as 200 applications.