Erie Police have charged a man with burglarizing two businesses in the City of Erie overnight and plan to file additional charges following a recent rash of break-ins.

Jose Flores, 43, was arrested Tuesday night following a break-in at Presque Isle Militaria, Antiques and Collectables, on W. 26 St. in Erie.

Police said they recovered items on him allegedly stolen from the store, including a jacket, which he was wearing at the time of his arrest.

Flores is also charged with a burglary at One Stop Convenience Store on W. 32 St. Tuesday night.
On Tuesday evening, investigators say he also hit the Car Factory, an auto repair shop at 26th and French, however he had not been charged in this case as of Wednesday afternoon.

He was arraigned on a total of 45 charges between the cases. They include burglary, receiving stolen property, receiving stolen property, theft by unlawful taking, criminal mischief involving property damage and possession of an instrument of crime.

Erie News Now obtained surveillance video from the One Stop break in, which shows the suspect, alleged to be Flores, kicking the door and windows multiple times, eventually using a rock to break the glass and climb into the store.


Once inside, he opened a register, which was empty, and wound up stealing several packs of cigarettes.

A neighbor heard all the commotion, like the rocks being thrown against the glass, and called 911, patrol officers responded quickly and nabbed Flores nearby.

As Erie News Now first reported Tuesday, Erie police are investigating a total of 15 smash and grab thefts at various businesses in Erie since December 29th.

Detectives Wednesday morning questioned Flores to see if he may be connected to the several other break-ins. During questioning, police said he confessed to multiple other burglaries, and charges in several other cases are expected to come down in the coming days. Investigators tell Erie News Now there have now been 18 business burglaries over recent weeks, in which Flores is a suspect, and this arrest may lead to them clearing several of them.

As of Wednesday morning, he has only been charged with the two on Tuesday night in Erie. Police are looking into whether he acted alone or may have had an accomplice. Investigators are also waiting for the results of fingerprints found at several of the scenes, along with blood DNA evidence.

Flores is behind bars in the Erie County Prison.