The cost of paying for a catholic education can be a challenge for some families, and help is being announced to keep students in parochial schools. 

President of Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy, Reverend Scott Jabo, made the announcement Thursday, about a tuition assistance program. 

He says the schools have been building up the endowment raised through the years over estate planning, and school fund-raising has been focused on the endowment. That's where the money is coming from to help  families, specifically for catholic school elementary students. 

To be eligible for getting $3,000 a year, students must be enrolled and in good standing in a catholic elementary ahead of their 8th grade year, be accepted by Prep or Villa, and apply for financial aid through the Fax program, which is a third party that processes the paperwork. 

Jabo says, "Although that's a large scholarship, $3,000 still may not be enough for some families. So we do provide additional financial aid on top of that, so if families realize with that special school catholic elementary program, that they still can't afford the Prep of Villa tuition, we still have additional financial aid available for those families."

The $3,000 scholarship would be renewable for four years, and a total of $12,000.