Organizers of the annual golf tour event at Peek'n Peak are disappointed with LECOM's decision to end its sponsorship after this year's event.

But they are now focused on the future.

Tournament backers say they are already meeting to try to line up one or more sponsors to allow the tournament to continue in 2010 and beyond.

LECOM recently announced it was withdrawing as the main sponsor after its four year contract ended after this July's tournament.

Organizers have expanded their advisory group to contact more potential sponsors.

And they are considering having more than one sponsor to share the financial obligation.

It is an even bigger commitment than the current deal involving LECOM.

Mark Geise, CEO of the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency, which oversees the event said, "It is now a five year commitment instead of four. And with TV coverage it is $900,000 per year. So you are talking about a $4.5 million commitment."

Organizers say the tournament is a showcase for Peek'n Peak and the region.

And it donates about $100,000 per year to area charities.

There will be one big change in this year's event.

Admission will be free.