Aliens invaded Play Port Arcade on Thursday evening for a launch party of the CW's show Roswell, New Mexico. The local arcade decked itself out in alien gear to fit the show's other-worldly plot twist, which is the love interest turns out to be an alien.

Admission was discounted for the night and most of the games were free to play. There were aliens playing the games and visitors had the chance to face-off with them to win prizes.

The local arcade is home to many vintage arcade games as well as newer ones. The games range from air hockey and ski ball to virtual reality and a modern Space Invaders game.

Play Port prides itself on being a place to bond with family and friends, especially since their mix of new and old games brings gamers of all ages together.

Roswell, New Mexico will air on the CW Tuesday, January 15th at 9 p.m.