We all have our hobbies but Corry resident David Lindsey's tops the unique list. He's one of a few people in Pennsylvania that custom builds bagpipes, and he make them out of moose antlers.

"It's just a fun hobby that I do," he said. "I like to see the excitement on people's faces when they get their new set of Lindsey Bagpipes."

He said moose antlers are a better way to replace the ivory typically used to make bagpipes and more durable than plastic.

What's also unique about this hobby is that Lindsey makes the instruments in the basement of his fitness center at Absolute Health and Fitness.

"My fitness facility runs itself and other than that I'm here doing this," he said.

It's where he's been building the bagpipes for the last 10 years.

"I started in a little tiny room and then it just expanded because I had too many orders," he said.

Lindsey said he just sold his latest creation to someone in Singapore, but he sells them all over. Including in Scotland, Australia and Canada.