Erie Catholic Bishop, Lawrence Persico released a statement on the sentencing of former priest, David Poulson.

It states:

"This is a very sad moment for everyone who has been impacted by the crimes committed by Father David Poulson. It's my hope that the events of this day will bring a measure of healing to victims.

As part of his plea, Father Poulson agreed to seek laicization, meaning he will no longer be a member of the clergy. He has made the request, and the diocese has sent the necessary documents to the Vatican.

My prayers are with the victims, with the parish communities where David served, and with all those who are experiencing the pain of this situation."


David Poulson was sentenced to 30 months to 14 years in prison, for sexually molesting two boys between 2002-2010, after a hearing at the Jefferson County Courthouse, Friday.