The parent of one student in the Erie School District says she's fed up with her son getting bullied at school.

Erie News Now caught up with the student and his mom who said the school district isn't doing enough to keep her child safe.

Vicki Showalter said her 13 year-old son Chad Hammond is constantly being bullied at East Middle School for his appearance.

Hammond was born with a cleft lip and his mom said sometimes it's difficult to understand him.

"This shouldn't happen," Showalter said. "He's different. Everybody's different."

Showalter said she wants the district to do something about it before things get worse. 

"What if he decides to kill himself? What if he finds a gun and goes back to the school and shoots somebody? I don't need that on my shoulders and I don't want to bury my son," she said. 

The family said they've tried to contact the school but that they haven't had much luck. 

The Erie School District does have a tip line for parents, students and staff to report any bullying or suspicious behavior. 

School District Coordinator of Equity and Inclusion Ken Nickson said preventing bullying is one of the districts priorities. 

"You want people to feel like they belong," Nickson said. "You want them to feel accepted and welcomed and you want them to feel like they have a voice in their environment."

You can access the Erie School District tip line through the mobile app or by emailing to