It's about to get a lot colder in Erie, which can be bad news for your water pipes. So we reached out to a local plumber to find out what you should know so you don't find yourself bursting with frustration.

"If you're experiencing any difficulty right now don't wait for the cold to come next week," H. Jack Langer Plumbing and Heating owner Jack Langer. "Do some preventative maintenance before this cold weather comes."

Owner of said one of the biggest issues homeowners might face involves the outside hose.

"A lot of the home owners forget to maybe disconnect their hose that maybe they've used for water in their garden or their plants or what have you," he said. "Remove the hose."

When you fail to properly shut the hose off it can cause water damage inside your home.

Langer says you should also keep an eye on those kitchen faucets. To prevent the water from freezing you can turn the faucet on just a bit.

"If you're having a continuous problem with frozen water lines leave the spicket just a touch open and let the water dribble," he said. "It will not freeze."

If you have any vacation plans and will be leaving your home for a few days, Langer suggests to keep the heat on at least 58 degrees. 

Langer also suggests checking the batteries on thermostats and checking filters on furnaces.