PopLuck, a locally owned gourmet popcorn store has been selling tasty snacks for the past year-and-a-half.

Nine different flavors are always available.

Owner Jennifer Minski has ten employees but she remains hands on, making much of the popcorn herself.

Popular favorites like plain, cheddar and caramel are always available, with five other flavors sold too.

Jennifer says she knows what a lot of her customers enjoy.

Many of them stop in every week.

She said, "We have a lot of regulars. We know a lot of customers by name, that has been fun, getting to learn our customers."

And Jen has had more customers than she projected, with hungry customers of all ages.

Minski said, "We have children coming in screaming they want PopLuck. We have older people. We see everybody from Erie."

Most of the popcorn is sold at the West 8th Street store, but PopLuck also provides popcorn for parties, wedding and other special events.