The bitter cold puts outdoor pets at risk and the A.N.N.A. Shelter is reminding pet owners to limit the time your pet is outside.

Humane Police Officer Eric Duckett said that over the last couple of days he's received a lot of calls from concerned residents about pets being left outside.

"They're coming in like crazy. I think today I've already taken like four calls for some type of animal outside," he said.  

 A.N.N.A. Shelter Executive Ruth Thompson said if you have to let your dog outside is should only be "long enough to go to the bathroom and bring them back in."

There are some dog breeds that do enjoy the cold, including huskies and German shepherds. However Thompson said there are times when it'll be too cold even for those breeds.

"They may love it, they may want to be out there but they have the pads on their feet the ears that can be frozen too," she said. "Don't leave them outside for any extended period of time

Thompson also said to be aware of farm animals being outside for too long, including horses, cows and other livestock.