A McDowell student is getting some attention after he saved an elderly woman's life, while responding to a call with the West Ridge Volunteer Fire Department.

Jacob Gustafson, 17, is both a high school student and a volunteer firefighter.

Earlier this week firefighters responded to a call about an elderly woman in cardiac arrest.

"We saw her on the floor and paramedics started asking questions and they told me to start compression so I did," he said.

Gustafson performed CPR on the victim and saved her life.

"It's amazing," he said. "It makes you realize why you're doing all this."

When asked if he was nervous, Gustafson said "Oh yeah for sure, absolutely. Very nervous."

While many are considering him a hero,  he tells Erie News Now he was just doing what he was taught, and he's not taking all the credit.

"Everybody was doing their job perfectly," Gustafson said. "The paramedic was giving medications, the EMT was bagging everything perfectly, everybody there was doing their job really well."

For the last three years,  Gustafson has been volunteering with the West Ridge Fire Department, through an internship program at McDowell High School.

He says it was his volunteer training which helped prepare him to save the woman, and he says he plans to continue volunteering at West Ridge after his internship.

"They could be out using this internship to make money," Fire Chief at West Ridge Fire Department Jerry DeRosa said. "Instead they're volunteering their time here to help out the community."