The Crime Victim Center of Erie County has helped thousands of victims and their families since it began as the Rape Crisis Center in 1973.

And it keeps changing and adding new services.

Executive Director Paul Lukach says the mission is simple.

He said, "It is educating the public on crime and the impact of crime through counseling, education and advocacy."

A key service is counseling, often done after a terrible crime that has left the victim deeply scarred.

It takes special training to help.

Lukach said, "This is right there, in the moment, having to know what to do, knowing what to say, what not to say, and what services to offer to people who are in that broken eggshell moment."

The agency is always trying to develop new ways of helping crime victims of all ages.

Lukach said, "We are going to keep searching for the newest and best practices to bring to the people of Erie County so they have the best possible service."