Erie police are still piecing together the details of a shootout, which happened last night in front of a busy Erie Bayfront hotel.

Police say it was a drug deal gone bad, with two people shot, and multiple shooters involved.

It all happened around 5:45 Thursday night, when Erie police got called out to an active shooting outside of the Courtyard Marriott hotel on Erie's Bayfront.

They arrived to find two shooting victims, trying to drive away from the scene, “We intercepted them, called for an ambulance had them transported for treatment,” said Erie Police Deputy Chief Mike Nolan.

Erie Police recovered 300 grams of what they're calling high-quality heroin from the scene, with a street value of more than $60,000.

They charged Charles Baizar, 35, of Chicago, he told police he drove to Erie with two others to sell a kilo of heroin for $80,000. He’s been charged with possession with the intent to deliver drugs.

Police believe the other suspects got away with the rest of the heroin.

The other victim, with Baizar, is identified as Jermaine Belgrave, 36, of Chicago. He was shot in the chest and was still hospitalized Friday afternoon, Belgrave is believed to have been one of the shooters, with the other two getting away, according to police.

Belgrave is facing 9 charges including felony drug charges and aggravated assault.

This all happened right in front of the hotel, patrons in the restaurant, witnessing the violence, a bullet even cracked a window.

Nolan says he's surprised this all went down where it did, “This is an anomaly down there, it's one of the most, if not the most secure area of the city, if not the county, due to the fact that there is very limited access in and out of that area, there are dozens of cameras, very high resolution cameras all over the area.”

In regards to those cameras, Erie police are reviewing lots of that high-quality video to try to sort through the chaos, and identify the other two shooters who got away, “There are literally dozens of cameras at different angles and different points on this, so we do have to spend a lot of time doing that,” said Nolan.