Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced on Monday a lawsuit against Verizon for failing to deliver promised incentives to customers who enrolled in certain two-year contracts with the service provider.

Verizon advertised customers would received a free Amazon Echo and, in some cases, a free Amazon Prime subscription for specific contracts beginning or renewing between November and January 2018, according to the lawsuit.

Customers were told they would receive an email with instructions to claim the incentive after the account had been active for 31 days, but that did not happen. Customers who called Verizon were told that the company was aware of the issue and said it would be addressed, according to Shapiro.

The Bureau of Consumer Protection found Verizon did not correct the link issue for months, and customers never received their incentive, even though they remained enrolled in their contracts and were subject to early termination fees.

The lawsuit  requests injunctive relief, restitution, civil penalties and other equitable relief as authorized by law.

Anyone who believes they have experienced issues with Verizon’s offer for a free Echo and/or Amazon Prime membership can contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection at 1-800-441-2555 or or can file a complaint at