We've got continuing coverage of that shootout on Erie's Bayfront, which turned out to be what police are calling an “upper-level drug deal gone bad.”

We're getting a look at the large amount of heroin police recovered at the scene.

Erie police continue to review a large amount of surveillance video, as they try to identify and find two shooters involved in a drug rip off and shootout along Erie's Bayfront.

300 grams of heroin was taken in as evidence to the Erie Police station, officers recovered the large block of heroin at the scene, last Thursday night.

Police say it's got a value of anywhere between $60,000 and $100,000 if it were to make it to the streets of Erie.

It reportedly fell out of a package, after the shooting last Thursday night, out front of the Courtyard Marriott hotel on Erie's Bayfront.

As Erie News Now has been reporting, Erie Police have charged two men, from Chicago, Jermaine Belgrave, 36 and Charles Baizar, 35. They allegedly traveled here to Erie, with two other men, to sell 1,000 grams, or a kilo of heroin for $80,000.

But according to police, the two buyers ripped them off instead, getting away with most of the heroin, and shooting them both, Belgrave, who was shot in the chest, fired back.

Deputy Chief Mike Nolan says this was an upper-level drug deal, which involved some high-quality heroin, the entire kilo had a street value of more than $200,000, “When we see drugs come directly to Erie from a large city, a source city such as Chicago, they tend to be much pure form than what you would typically find being sold on the streets here,” said Nolan. “It's very likely that those drugs would be stepped on, or diluted and mixed with other substances to increase the volume and the amount, and thereby increasing the profits,” Nolan continued.

Nolan says the feds are involved too, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Immigration and Custom Enforcement, because at least one of the suspects is from Belize, “Because of the amount of drugs involved and the violence associated with it, of course the federal authorities are interested,” said Nolan.

Erie Police have also been in contact with police in Chicago, and Erie Police are handling the bulk of the investigation.

Police say two men who were with the Chicago duo, have yet to be found and identified as well.