City of Corry Police are reminding you to watch out for phone scams after two recent cases were reported Tuesday.

In one case, an unknown person called to say your debit card or Social Security card were used in Texas and found out through a drug raid, police said. The caller tells the victim to empty his/her checking account, buy Google Play cards and to call back with the numbers. Upon call back, the person claims he/she will come to the victim's house the next day to give back the money and deliver a new Social Security card. A bank brought this to the attention of police.

In a different case, an unknown person spoofed a local number then called and told people they need to do a credit report check due to fraudulent activity and people opening accounts in the victim's name, according to police. The caller then asked for personal information to do a credit report. The victim in this case told police the phone number used by the scammer was that of a person he/she knows.

Police advise anyone to check with family members, friends or local police before giving out any information over the phone or Internet. People are also encouraged to do a Google search of the name, number or business to see if it is credible.

People are also asked to never buy gift cards or money grams and give the card numbers to anyone because no credible business asks anyone to buy cards.

The public is also encouraged to talk to older family members, neighbors and friends on how to avoid becoming a scam victim. Police said new scams are being created every day, which is why you need to check before giving out any information.