Pella Windows and Doors is a privately owned company operating at 70 locations around the country.

Locally, Pella has been serving customers since 1978.

At the showroom on upper Peach Street customers can check out the products before making a selection.

No matter what is chosen, quality is the top considering.

Kathy Svilar of Pella Windows and Doors said, "All of our products are made from the same quality whether you are paying for the top of the line architectural series or our lower, more affordable products."

Pella is probably best known for its wood windows. But the company makes a wide variety of products in a wide variety of different materials.

Svilar said, "We don't have just one line of products. We have multiple products lines because we have multiple materials we make our products out of."

The business is competitive but Pella is always innovating to attract new customers.

A new Lifestyle product line will be unveiled soon.

And the company is proud of its newest innovation, roll screens with the screens hidden until needed.