Is Erie the worst city in the nation for African-Americans?

Guest speakers at the Jefferson Educational Society, Thursday night, say no.

Drs. Margaret Smith and Suzanne McDevitt of Edinboro University provided some insight into several topics that examined the 24/7 Wall St. online report from 2017.

Thursday night's presentation compared Erie with two other regional cities that have also suffered industrial decline.... Youngstown Ohio, and Allentown Pennsylvania.

Both speakers agree that 24/7 Wall St. has nothing to do with the Wall Street Journal, and did not have the facts and hard data to back up their claim that Erie was the worst city for African-Americans.   They said it was simply an eye catching headline, that got everyone talking.

The speakers also agree that the city of Erie does have its issues, and said it needs jobs that provide a living wage, strong education, and improved housing to help struggling communities thrive.