An award-winning bullying expert makes his way to the General McLane School District.

Tuesday, Jeff Veley, a youth motivational speaker, used a fun and engaging way to reach students on ways to empower them, and prevent bullying in schools.

He spoke with hundreds of students in General McLane, from elementary to high school, “What we're sharing is a lot about emotional resilience, teaching kids how, when they're facing something like bullying, understanding that somebody's just trying to have power over them, so understanding that they have a choice whether or not to get upset, and then helping them learn some skills so they know what to say when someone's mean,” said Veley.

While administrators at General McLane say bullying is not a big problem at the school, they know it still goes on, with social media adding to the problem.

That’s why Justin Whitford, Associate Principal at Parker Middle School, says they hope Veley's message makes a lasting impact, “At the General McLane school district, we really want to take a more proactive approach, to try to figure out a way that we can teach new strategies to the kids and teach ways to empower them.”

Veley also spoke with some of the student’s parents, about 50 parents attended an afternoon parent presentation, with 150 more scheduled to attend Tuesday evening.

And Veley says is crucial to get them involved too, “Parents are still the number one influencers of kids today, especially teenagers, sometimes they don't think that because social media is huge, but parents are the number one influencers,” said Veley. “And the greatest thing parents can do is really equip their children with skills, and roll play, practice with kids, rehearse different responses for how to handle someone who's being mean. And so today, I'm going to teach parents actually how to do that with some fun games that kids will want to play, that way they'll want to develop those skills,” Veley continued.

“We know it goes beyond the classroom, it goes beyond the school, it goes beyond the administration, so getting parents involved so we can all work together to shape our future, I think it really important,” Whitford added.

Veley has been a youth speaker for about 9 years, he travels the country speaking to students and their parents.

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