UE Local 506 is making sure every member is well-fed before going out on the picket lines, and the union is getting a lot of support from the community.

Valerio's Restaurant on E. 38 St. delivered hundreds of sub sandwiches around noon Thursday at the union's headquarters in Lawrence Park.

The union reached out to Valerio's to supply the food. The union is pleased that the restaurant offered a deal.

The restaurant delivers food for all three shifts on the picket lines. That means about 800 to 900 subs will be delivered Thursday.

International Bakery also is helping the union by supplying the bread for the sandwiches.

"We're keeping our members fed out on the picket lines," said Matt McCracken, executive board member of UE Local 506. "We appreciate when the local businesses support the community that has supported them."

Many other businesses and people have been stopping by the union hall and the picket lines to offer food. Union members said they are grateful for all the donations.