It's back to the bargaining table this week for negotiators representing Wabtec and the bargaining team for UE 506 and 618.

The talks are set for Wednesday.

The federal mediator both sides approved to assist, will be at the bargaining session again as well. 

Members of the striking unions continue to staff picket lines around the Erie Wabtec, facility, the former GE Transportation plant until last week.  Thanks to a consent decree, they are picketing in smaller numbers, with promises to not block or slow traffic coming in or out of the plant.

As part of its contingency plans, Wabtec says it's continuing production in Erie--using salaried and temporary labor. And they say they're moving some production to the Wabtec Motive Power plant located in Boise, Idaho.

We asked union president Scott Slawson his thoughts on that.   "I guess it's disappointing um, you know I'd like to see them get back to the table with us and let's get the most skilled locomotive employees in the world back to work, I mean that's our perspective of it, obviously there's customer commitments that have to be met and we're ready and able to get back to work as soon as Wabtec comes to the table and we are able to negotiate a fair agreement here," Slawson said.

In response to people asking if they could contribute financially to support union members and costs during the strike, UE 506  started a go fund me account. You can learn more on the UE 506 facebook page.

The union is also calling for an international day of action against Wabtec.

They plan a March 6th solidarity rally at 3:00 p.m., in Wilmerding, the home of Wabtec headquarters.

Striking members of UE Locals 506 and 618 are expected to be joined by members of UE Local 610 who work at Wabtec in Wilmerding.

They say they want to send a message to Wabtec Headquarters, that our communities need family-supporting jobs!