The Erie Technology Incubator at Gannon University helps local entrepreneurs get started and grow their companies.

ETI has helped dozens of companies since it began in 2008.

And ten companies are currently getting help at Gannon's Center for Business Ingenuity at 900 State Street.

And while ETI is helping them grow, they are helping boost the local economy.

Gannon University Vice-President of Academic Affairs Dr. Walter Iwanenko said, "Right now we have ten companies here in this building. And those ten companies have about 83 employees. So they are creating jobs and staying in Erie."

And those companies share the same space and ideas that can help each other.

Duane Clement, Founder and CEO of Data Inventions said, "To be able to meet and bump into each other, entrepreneurs  that are doing it on a day to day basis is really what entrepreneurs need."

Now many of the companies getting help from ETI are tech based, using software and computer technology.

ETI leaders expect the tech focus will continue, with more diverse companies expected to ask for help in the future."

Iwanenko said, "I see over time more companies that would be considered less techy becoming clients of ETI."