Romolo Chocolates Owner and Master Confectioner, Tony Stefanelli has graduated from the Retail Confectioners International Truffles and More Course. 

Stefanelli, shown on the far right, is standing with the the new grads who finished the course last month in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

The students learned the science behind formulations and trouble-shooting techniques for truffles, meltaways and gained hands-on experience making truffles. 

He says, "Cream ganache dessert truffles will soon be a part of Romolo Chocolates Cocoa Café menu."

The West 8th Street business in Erie has a separate cafe and chocolate shop. 

Stefanelli says, "I hope to see chocolatiers from other companies this summer, who want to come to Romolo Chocolates and work with us on the products they hope to start producing in their stories."