City crews are busy patching up potholes throughout the city of Erie.

"It causes a hazard," said Erie Streets Department Superintendent Jeff Gibbens. "People they pop tires you know it could cause an accident. We want to get on them as soon as possible."

With hundreds of miles in ground to cover, they're on a mission to tackle those tough spots before they move on to street paving and cleaning.

Gibbens said the city also needs the community's help. If you see a pothole, let the city know.

"We need people to really report them, that's what we need," he said.

Gibbens said the city lucked out this year by not having as many to patch up, but that there's still roads that need repairing.

 "As I'm driving through sections I'm noticing how bad some of the roads are," he said. "I think wow I can't believe nobody called that in." 

Once notified, the city's streets department tries to repair the area within 24 hours. 

If there's a pothole in your neighborhood you're told to call the city's pothole hotline at 814-870-1340.

Gibbens said keep in mind that some streets may not belong to the city, and are Penn Dot's responsibility to patch up.