(ERIE, N.Y. - WICU/WSEE/CW) – For freshman psychology major at Penn State Behrend Emma Andrews, she said she was angry when she saw students and parents trying to bribe their way into an education.

Andrews came to Behrend from Washington D.C. because she loved the education value, and she feels those who try and cheat their way in are only cheating themselves in the long run.

"And also taking other people's spots who deserve to be at school. “said Andrews “And [you’re] just taking opportunities from other people that are actually trying."

It's a thought shared by junior at Fairview High school, Daniel Rutkowski.

As he currently preps for  SAT’s, A test which was involved in this scandal, he believes the work he and other students put in is what will really help pay off down the road.

"As within any company, you don't want someone that doesn’t work hard.” Rutkowski said “You want someone that has the same idea as you and wants to push hard through any problems, and innovate."

For Rutkowski, he says, he hopes to be an engineer someday and is currently beginning his college search.