The City of Erie's efforts to address its financial issues are now moving forward.

Mayor Joe Schember announced Thursday morning he has chosen Public Financial Management of Philadelphia to assist with the early intervention program, which helps cities that are facing a financial crisis.

Deficits are projected over the next five years for the city, which dealt with an $11 million deficit in 2019.

The consultant group will make recommendations on how to increase the city's revenue while cutting costs.

The group will now review the expenses of every department to determine how to run the city more efficiently.

Schember said he plans to implement all the recommendations.

"I don't mind saying this publicly," said Schember. "I'm committed to implementing what they suggest to increase revenue and decrease expenses for the city. I'm really looking forward to their reports."

The firm will be paid $180,000, but the state will cover 90 percent of the bill. In the end, it will cost the city $18,000.