Don't be alarmed. The Titusville Area School District wants to remind the public that administrators, principals and staff will hold an active shooter drill at Titusville High School Friday at 9 a.m.

The district said it has been planning the community-wide active shooter drill for nearly a year under the direction of the Crawford County Department of Public Safety.

Local, regional and state law enforcement agencies, as well as local and regional emergency response personnel, will participate in the drill.

A number of locations in the community will be used as staging areas for police and fire personnel. Residents near the high school were given written warning.

Participants will practice the district's All Hazards Plan, which includes first responder response timing and use of a prepared software tool.

Student are not in school on the day of the drill.

The drill will also satisfy Titusville Area Hospital's required annual mass causality drill.

It's part of the district's preparation for a variety of emergency response situations and a proactive measure to ensure the safety of students and the rest of the school community.

Recommendations and feedback from the drill will help the district improve its emergency response plan, according to a news release.