(ERIE, N.Y. - WICU/WSEE/CW) – Page after page, note after note, SAT Supervisor for the Erie School District Rick Schneider says he and his staff are always checking to make sure the tests are taken the right way,

"It's really important to us that it's fair for everybody." said Schneider

So when he saw the news break over this week's college admissions scandal, he was shocked.

"It angers you" he said

But the Assistant Principal of Academics at Erie High School not was also not surprised.

"That's just the way the system is set up." said Schneider

The system he’s talking about is referenced in the 2005 book, “The Price of Admission: How America's Ruling Class Buys Its Way into Elite Colleges - and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates” by Daniel Golden. The book criticized major universities for supposedly favoring wealthy families over middle and lower class families.

"We don't create the system, we have to do the best we can to work within it." Schneider said

But Schneider believes the scandal could someday change that system, though he doesn't quite know how.

To find out more about the admissions process, we stopped by Gannon University to speak with Vice President of Enrollment at Gannon University Bill Edmondson.

Edmondson told us, any drastic changes, could possibly cause more problems.

"The last thing I’d like to see happen is that there'd be a bunch more legislation that occurs." said Edmondson

Edmonson and his staff go through countless applications every day, and he says a majority of applicants are honest and they shouldn't have to pay for the actions of the others.

"I think it's a case where a few rotten apples spoil the whole barrel.” Edmondson said

Though when those apples get through, they can hurt themselves, and even their university.

"It’ll eventually catch up with them." said Edmondson

While he and Schneider may not exactly see eye-to-eye, they both believe the situation should not turn any students away from perusing their dreams, wherever they may be.

"We want to make sure that they're successful in the curriculum and not waste their time and their money." Edmondson said

"If one school doesn't open their door for you, there will be another one." said Schneider

And both men say they will be right there to make sure they're doing it the right way.

Schneider and Edmondson both said the SAT should still be part of the process. Though, at least at Gannon, some programs do not require it