There is a new addition to Erie High School.

The Second Harvest Food Bank has opened a food pantry at the Erie School District's largest school.

It is located in a corner of the library, and is providing food to about 50 students twice each month.

Donors are helping to fund the program.

But the pantry is also handing out personal care items like shampoo, soap and toothpaste.

And teachers and staff have donated all sorts of clothing and shoes to help out students in need, and their families.

Second Harvest Food Bank Development Manager Zachary Webb said, "Having a pantry at a school is a safe environment and a place where students feel comfortable in getting food. so this program is one of 12 in our service area that is part of a nationwide effort to get food to students in a place they are comfortable with."

Five of the 12 pantries are now operating in Erie public schools.

Locations include Collegiate Academy, Wilson Middle School, East Middle School and Emerson Gridley in addition to Erie High School.