Erie Ice Works is a full service ice company that has been serving area customers for the past five years.

But it is best known for owner Bill Sandusky's ice carvings.

He is an artist with huge blocks of ice as his canvas.

The work is challenging.

Sandusky said,"There are a lot of people who can draw. but to put that drawing into 3D, is different."

But Bill does more than just carve the ice.

He makes the ice, in 40 gallons freezers.

The finished product, giant blocks of ice, weighing up to 300 pounds each.

Bill draws the image he wants to create on the ice then goes to work, using a wide variety of custom made saws and tools to shape the blocks of ice into works of art.

But unlike a painting, his work can only be appreciated for a time until it melts away.

He said, "You know it is going to go away within a few hours. So you can't get really attached to them."

Bill does up to 300 ice sculptures every year.

But Erie Ice Works also sells ice, with trucks delivering to customers in a 100 mile radius.

And that part of the business is booming.

Like his carvings, Bill says the key to his success if treating customers right.