Urban Engineers is a full service engineering firm based in Philadelphia, with 14 regional offices.

The Erie office opened 50 years ago, and has been involved in countless road and construction projects over the years.

Vice President Bill Petit said, "Our goal is to provide value to our customers. And we've got a lot of talented people here who do just that."

Those people are based in the company's downtown Erie headquarters.

They work on computers designing and planning all sorts of projects.

But they also go into the field to translate their ideas into reality.

Petit said, "We have disciplines in structural engineering, geo technical engineering, environmental studies. We've got two licenses surveyors here. We do construction management and construction inspection."

And the recent upswing in construction activity in the Erie area has been good news for the company.

Petit said, "Whether it is the health care industry or some of the other development down on the bayfront, we've got a modest hand in almost all of that."