Erie's Glenwood Beer, founded in 1961, is now Allegheny Beverage.

The company was sold last year, and is now a division of Dayton, Ohio based Bonbright Distributors.

With its new name, the company plans to grow.

Allegheny Beverage President John Dimario said, "We are excited to invest here in Erie because we really do believe in the community."

The wholesaler supplies distributors, restaurants, social clubs, taverns and stores in a 13 county area of northwest Pennsylvania.

Dimario said, "We are really excited about our plans. We plan on breaking ground on a new building here in Erie sometime in the next 18 months."

But a new building is just part of the company's plans for the future.

Managers are hoping to expand the company's customer base and product line.

General Sales Manager Curtis Ferber said,, "The key to anything is growth and not to be stagnant. That is occurring right now and there are tremendous growth plans in place. Some have already happened, and long term it is  unlimited."

Glenwood Beer was built on the Miller brad and added Coors in the late 1980's.

They remain the best sellers for Allegheny Beverage.

But the company is branching out to distribute many craft beers and other new popular beverages.

Ferber said, "There are so many choices right now within the beer category we have to adapt to those changes."