Lake Erie Rubber & Manufacturing makes a wide variety of products used primarily in the rail and mining industries.

It is a small company with just a dozen employees. So each worker is critical to the success of the company.

Company President Jon Meighan said, "If we have those employees engaged and they understand what our goals are and they know they are part of the success of the company, they do a good job, and make sure we do the right thing for our customers."

And the company has a lot of customers buying its products.

Meighan said,"These products are going in anything from locomotive to commercial construction. We are shipping all over the United States. We ship to Mexico and Canada, all over the world."

Lake Erie Rubber is basically a custom manufacturer of a wide variety of rubber products of every size and shape.

Customers provide the idea of what they want and the company uses its expertise to make the finished product.'

But recently there has been a big change. The company is making a brand new product on its own, and not for industry. It is for dogs.

It is a solid rubber ball made under the One Leg Up brand.

It is already selling well locally.

The company expects sales over the web from across the country.

And the hope is to make more dog toys in the future.