Pennsylvania State Representative Pat Harkins is continuing his push for worker's safety improvements.

That includes a bill related to an Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) worker who was killed in an on-the-job accident in 2014.

Harkins joined other legislators in Harrisburg April 9 as he took the "Keystone Worker Protection Pledge." The pledge serves to promote continued efforts to support legislation for worker's safety and worker's rights.

"There's no reason the public sector employees should not have OSHA protections in place as the private sector employees, and we won't give up until we have this accomplished," Harkins said at the rally Tuesday.

Harkins took the time reaffirm his commitment to getting the Jake Schwab Worker's Safety bill passed.

Schwab was a mechanic for the EMTA at the time of his death.

Harkins plans to reintroduce the Schwab bill later this spring.