Jeopardy! fans have been glued to their television sets as they watch the current champion continue to set all kinds of records.  Friday is only the seventh appearance for champion James Holzhauer and he already has won over $325,000.


Dr. Roger Solberg, of Edinboro, was a three-day Jeopardy! Champion when he appeared on the show in 1994.  He won over $37,000.  Solberg shakes his head when he thinks of how long it took Holzhauer to win that same amount.

"He made that within 10 minutes of the first night.  He's a very, very impressive player.  One of the things I like about him is that he's got guts,” says Solberg.

The highlight of Holzhauer's six days on Jeopardy! so far, was Tuesday's program, when he set a single day earnings record of $110,914.  That shattered the previous record of $77,000.  Holzhauer is not afraid to risk all of his earnings on a Daily Double question, especially when he has a big lead.  Solberg says that's how you win at Jeopardy!

"The less you think about the money the better.  You just see it as numbers on a board. That way you're less afraid to make big wagers,” he said.

Some champions, such as Holzhauer, spend time studying books to hone up on Jeopardy! knowledge.  Solberg said he went to the Jeopardy! Studios worrying only about being able to be the first to click in after host Alex Trebec finished a question.

"My only strategy was learning how to work the clicker.  I didn't study anything.  I didn't read any encyclopedias.  I just went with what I know,” recalled Solberg.

Holzhauer's bravado in betting big could suddenly bring his downfall, according to Solberg. Solberg points out, however, that Holzhauer was more conservative during last night's show.

Solberg is the Director of the Honor's Program at Edinboro University. He will be watching until the current champ's streak comes to an end.

"Now that we've seen him, I'm very interested to see how far he goes.  It's also fun to root for the underdog,” he said.