Sunday night’s storm did not touch down as a tornado in Erie county, but it still left a lot of damage behind.

Large hail fell during the storm, damaging the siding of a home in the 11000 block of Backus road, in Wattsburg.

The winds and hail also broke out a window.

We've had reports of hail as large as two-inches reported in the Wattsburg area, during the storm.

Homeowner, Katrina Drake describes her experience, “We're looking outside at the weather and over the hill you could almost see what looked possibly like a funnel, and just all of sudden you could feel the pressure in the air change, and that's when we all just went inside and we just watched the storm come through,” said Drake. “Afterwards I was just shaking because again, it's one of those out of body experiences, something you never expect to see in your lifetime, I mean I live in Wattsburg, we get snow, that's about it, never ever like this I've seen in my life,” Drake continued.

Crews were cleaning up trees that were damaged in the Wattsburg area, but fortunately, nobody was hurt.